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Bear Valley Mountain is the brainchild of multi instrumentalist Björn Dahlberg. Quirky, jazzy folkpop with a touch of sadness. Growing up in Sweden he came from a diverse musical background. Grandfather played swing and swedish folk music on the violin and mandolin, Uncle Cleas-Göran added rock and blues as a singer, accordion and guitar player while Björn´s grandmother came from the world of ballet but fell in love with flamenco and dedicated her life to spanish dance. He started playing the clarinet and piano from a young age and wrote his first song at the age of 7. While studying classical clarinet at the famous Södra Latins Gymnasium he fell in love with jazz and studied the music of Dave Brubeck, Wayne Shorter and Miles Davies, switching to the saxophone. Pop music by the Beatles, The Police, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon was also in heavy rotation. He went on to study music at Fridhem’s Folkhögskola and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. With a deep hunger for all kinds of music started recording with a variety of artists. Accordion and clarinet with Rosie Staf, saxophone with Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings, and the Domestic Bumblebees on Crying for More. He was a founding member of folk-jazz group Nybakat! and world music group Lele Lele. In 2009 he left Sweden for the United Kingdom where he recorded with Mick Jagger on Pearl of a Girl as well as cowriting the album Her Night At Noon with Maria McAteer. Recently he is featured on Lucy Rose’s No Words Left.